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Holding a weapon in hand at the well causes a strange message
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When i had a weapon in my hand in front of the well i had the option to drink water, the pump animation started and i got this message that my gun can't be filled up : "AKS-74U cannot be filled up". That same happened to my other gun, AKM, and to my friend gun, Mosin.

We discovered that in Vybor industrial area well.

Need confirmation {F31164}


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I do not believe this is a bug as you need your hands empty to drink or have a container in your hands that can be filled with water.

Dropping the item from your hands and attempt to drink again and it will work.
Its part of the game (Mimics real life), So not a bug.

Then it should just do nothing and not "Mosin cannot be filled up" message, right?

And why is the pump moving up and down if i'm holding a weapon in both hands? What mimic is that? :)

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Not really important but i agree, it could shows that the objects are not properly classified by type.

And as i remembered it just put my weapon on my back and then it starts to drink water and after is done he puts weapon back on my hands.

You have a weapon (Or some other object other than a water container) in your hand and you USE the water pump (It does not say drink). Therefore you have tried to fill that item with water, thus the animation but You obviously cannot fill a rifle with water therefore you get the error message "cannot fill rifle with water" which you cannot do in real life anyway.

You also need your hands empty so as to drink from the water pump If they are not then how can you hold the water in your hands.

As I said it is a game feature not a bug and the simple remedy is to have your hands empty when using the pump or use some type of water container.

I understand but the point is, if my memory work fine, that dosn't happen before the new update so maybe it isn't a normal behavior.
Also, drink from a water pump can't be canceled.

Today, on experimental i tried to drink from water pump with the broom in my hand and i get the message "the broom can't be filled up"

That is not normal :)