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No animals spawning in the north
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Once I went hunting in areas over the noth west airfield and I haven´t found any animals there. The most animals I am finding are in areas in the south. (Cherno, Elektro) But in the North (e.g. Airfield) I have no success at hunting.


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yes, the are currently on animals on the north areas.

DayZ wiki says:
"As a rule, animals can be found all over the map. That isn't completely true however, as there are some "soft" boundaries to the area in which they can be found. Those boundaries are: the major highway in the North, Pik Kozlova in the South, Pavlovo to the West, and the Berezino suburbs to the East"

I hope, with the new animal AI they will also increase the total number of animals on map as well as add spawpoints for them in north area.

Confirmed, I searched near Krasnostav, Novodimitrovsk and Turovo but no animals here.

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I've seen animals up north. But yes, there are way fewer of them up north, but they are there!

this is true, was looking for days dindt find one animal, i headed back south and there they were!

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Hello Delta055 and thank you for the report.
We have looked into this and unfortunately we were unable to reproduce the issue you have described.