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Game Crashed to Desktop
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Driving a 3Vs Wednesday night and the next thing I know I'm at me desktop. Unfortunately I didn't get the error and when I logged back in I was wiped. Is there a command line where I can get the error to help out? {F31136}


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It's been a random crash leaving me at the desktop. Only the crash while driving wiped everything I had

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Still getting a crash to desktop approximately an hour of playing time then game crashes. Doesn't matter if i'm in vehicle or nor. I started to think it was the 3rd person view when I was crashing but after playing in 1st person I still crashed to desktop. There is no error window giving me an error

I uninstalled Dayz, updates raphics drivers, reinstalled (after deleting all Dayz files and folders).
Now I am getting the following error:

Cannot open file

Checking local files and everything is there . . .

Try verifying the integrity of your game cache. (Run Steam as Admin, rightclick on DayZ -> "Properties" -> "Local files" -> "Verify integrity of game cache...")

Also, please attach a DxDiag and a zip archive of the files from "<i>C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\DayZ</i>" to this ticket.

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I'd like to add that on russian DayZ forums there are LOT of messages with "after 30-60 minutes I experience a terrible lag for several seconds, then the game crashes with <memory can'not be read at 0x***>", always different address.

I've experienced this too many times since the last update, there was no such problem before it. Once I noticed that some textures (mostly in the shadow) turned to pink-blue check palette.

The zip file has the DXDiag inside along with the DayZ folder contents . . .

Crashing on me 2.
The game freezes, then the graphics on the side of buildings and all objects goes all blurry and much more angler and lags really badly. Then it crashes.

Fine previous update.

I get the same, sudden slow frame rates and crappy graphics . . .

Her's the latest:

Uninstalled and deleted all Dayz folders, reinstalled and was able to play for 45 minutes. I didn't change anything in the cfg files. The last previous install I changed the following:

GPUMaxFramesAhead to 1
GPUDetectedFramesAhead to 1
sceneComplexity to 150000
viewDistance to 1600
PreferredObjectDistance to 1000

Was kicked to the desktop with the following error:

The instruction at )x))4a15d2 reference memory at 0x0edb0000. The memory could not be read.

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