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can't drop damaged compass (updated)
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You can't see the compass in the vicinity screen, when you pick it up and drop it it doesn't go away from your inventory until you drop something else.


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the particular compass was damaged (the old compass)


At the beginning of the video there are 2 moments where it was visible in the vicinity.

This is the same with the new compass (damaged) too. See my last note.

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When I moved around and got the compass to appear in vicinity and I picked it up, I still couldn't drop it.

Ok, i think there is a general issue of seeing stuff in the vicinity window.

I got my hands on a pristine compass, no issues dropping that.

I got my hands on another damaged compass, I had issues dropping it.

If I try to drop a damaged compass I can see it drop on the floor but the image stays in my inventory. It was an old style compass, I have not tried dropping one of the new design ones yet.

The new design ones work (pristine) as do the old style compasses (pristine)

I haven't tried ruined or any other states but damaged.

This is same (similar) with new model of compass (damaged)

have the new model compass damaged in your inventory

have it on your hotbar too

drag the new compass (damaged) out of you inventory onto the ground

the compass drops on the ground but is also stuck in your inventory.

just tried it with a pristine new compass model, everything works flawlessly.

OK, I tried it again with the PRISTINE version of the new compass model.

placed it into my hotbar

dragged it out of my inventory

it got dropped but is stuck in my inventory too.

I'm not certain that it is an issue only with the damaged versions anymore.

Geez added a comment.Mar 25 2015, 4:14 PM

Hello Franzuu and thank you for the report.
The issue has been confirmed and scheduled for a fix.