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V3S rolls over, bounces
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The V3s performance has improved, but now will roll over very easily at moderate speeds, sometimes as result of de-synching. (I overturned three different trucks on the same server right after the 0.54 update)

Also bounces or porpoises on slightly uneven roads; the highway west from Novodimitrovsk is slightly rippled, and driving at high speed makes the truck catch air and hinders speed.

I commend the devs for continuing to improve the performance of the V3S, but some adjustments still seem to be necessary - In general, the suspension feels too stiff, and the truck catches air very easily. Steering is still pretty squirelly, and the truck rolls over far too easily, seeing as there is no cargo to create a high center of gravity.


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Turning on moderate slopes at moderate speed will overturn V3S.

Striking curb at moderate to high speed can overturn V3S.

De-synch occurring while travelling at high speed on highway can overturn V3S if small steering correction was made just before de-synch.

Extreme bouncing or porpoising at moderate to high speed on highway due to uneven road surface (rippling of surface mesh)

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