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military Tent and small tent disappeared on a persistent server
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found a military tent in a military airfield then i change severs and i went to a persistent server to set it up.i put all my loot in it then i log off when i come back to the same sever no thing was there .this has happened to me 3 time and i know nobody stole the tent because i stayed in side the tent in till the sever restarted then when i log in the the sever. the tent was not there and my loot was all gone hid the tent in a secure location whit less player in the sever


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Also Trucks & Gear aren't staying on restart. I also tried some steps which works on 0.53 in resetting the persistence, but hasn't worked this time.

I had this issue as well on another server.

Same Problem here, tent and improvised garden plot disappeared after restart.

It's happening everywhere.

Persistence isn't there.

Please fix this asap!

same here

duplicate issues: 22140, 22148, 22042

its not just tents that disappear... its anything you put on a persistent server is lost on reset.

Just happened again DayZ GA 3-144 - Hosted by - Persistance Enabled - found a military tent, had filled it up with all kinds of goods, AKM with scope, bullets, etc. when the server reset, it and all its contents were gone.

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The Tent is a trap.... people, get this fixed, I was so giddy about the Tent!!!!

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And the military tent scrolling got fixed this patch??

  • Nah, lets add a fucking broom instead!
Geez added a comment.Mar 5 2015, 2:38 PM

Hello Breakmental and thank you for the report.
This seems to be an issue on the GSP side (Vilayer servers). Please contact if the issue persists.