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Food and water status seems to be bugged in comparison to stuffed status leading to inevitable death.
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When i first logged into our private shard on the new .54 stable patch my food and water status seemed fine. Get to light green energized and hydrated, if i eat anymore or drink anymore i get stuffed. That worked fine at first. After i became hungry again and thirsty, however, I drank a soda and became stuffed but remained thirsty but moved to energized. I drank some more figuring it was just showing up bugged but i vomited. Drank some more, and no hunger status showed up now, but i remained thirsty.

This also happened with a water pump so its not just soda causing it. Also happened later on on a second life when i did this with various food products. I don't think the "stuffed" status effect is properly resetting along with hunger and thirst levels.


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same here. extremely hard to get either statuses to survivable level.

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Hello and thank you for the report priestizzle.
We are aware of the issue #0022190 and it has been scheduled for a fix.