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Memory leak forcing winodws to shutdown game + steam
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I updated my game to 0.54 through steam today. Decided to backup and remove my previous config and launch parameter so the game would start up normally.

During my first log in and play on a server, checking out the Northwestern Airfield, it took less than 12 mins before the Windows Memory Warning pops up and 2 mins later the game was forced to shut down along with steam (perhaps a crash?). Reloaded the game. Same result after 10mins of running around. I decided to modify the launch parameter to have "-maxmem=3072". Game stopped crashing, but every 10 secs or so the game would go into crazy stuttering and all static buildings/items/texture would disappear and reappear during the stuttering. If I didn't move, the stuttering would stop. I then set "-maxmem=2048" and non stop stuttering if I move 1 ft at a time.

Did notice that as long I don't move, memory stats constant.


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Game Crash
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Log into server, run around Northwestern Airfield, encounter memory build up, crash.
Adjust -maxmem parameters stabilize game but increase frequency of stuttering and flushing of static textures

Additional Information

System spec

Windows 8.1 64-bit
Intel Core i5-4430 CPU @ 3.00ghz (boost up to 3.2 or 3.5ghz (not sure which))
Installed Memory 8.00gb (7.9gb usuable)
Nvidia GTX 760 1.5gb

Currently 3.3 gb are used, which leaves 4.6gb for the game to utilize.

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I've found that running "-malloc=system -maxMem=4094" through launch parameters stabilize the game's memory around 1.2gb, but then after 10 mins it goes into a non-stop stuttering and buildings disappears or go into lowres (or replicate on piece of texture all over it). Additionally my character goes into a low polygon affair. Game's memory usuage is down to 800mb at that point.

Couldn't verify this was constant, as I got kicked off the server, but non of the missing textures would load back as before.

Edit*Give it 10 min it will consistantly go low poly and not load textures while inducing massive stuttering and keep fps to a solid 5*

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Hmm might have been lucky, but this has seemed to fix the problem for me "-malloc=system -maxMem=2047". 2047MB is the hardcoded maximum of the arma 2 engine.

Make sure that apart from those two you have no other launch options (except for maybe -skipIntro).

I took everything out and its working like before, when it had that option turned on. The new UI or whatever fixed it, or added what we had optioned.

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Hello Momodane and thank you for the report.
Please make sure that you are running the game without any launch parameters. They are not supported and cause various issues within the game. As for the low polygons / lag issues, we are aware of the issue (#0017013) and it has been scheduled for a fix.