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[ PRIORITY ISSUE ] Died with full gear, Can't loot body [ For the millionth time ] because it slided
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Here's the thing. I love DayZ. I love the game and how it's turning out. There's only one HUGE GAME BREAKING PROBLEM.

I CAN'T LOOT IT. I am LITERALLY very ANGRY right now. I had SO MUCH stuff. My friend CAN'T LOOT MY BODY, he CAN'T LOOT the body of the guy we killed AT LEAST FOR SOME retrieval of the loot that i lost.

FUlly equipped M4, 2 round boxes, loads of other stuff. GONE!

AND I PLAYED SO MUCH to have those, and now my TIME IS WASTED because I couldn't loot ANYTHING back.


I can't play like this knowing my loot can't be retrieved or at least salvaged or at least SOMEONE else's loot can be.

THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS ISSUE that you need to address.

It's breaking the GAME IMMENSELY.

It's ruining my experience of the game and my adventures. And my friend's too.


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Die on a slope. Can't loot. Wow.

So anger. Much satisfaction.

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Thank you for your report Rostas.
We are aware of this issue and it has been scheduled for a fix.