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[0.55] Add a Craftable Burlap Hood, that is used to craft Improvised Ghillie Hood
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I just saw this amazing concept of an improvised burlap hood on (credits to Whisky123) and thought it really needs to be added into the game:

If you add this (which I hope you should), it should be crafted first before making the improvised ghillie hood with netting and grass on it.

Speaking of grass, after you've inserted the netting onto the crafted burlap clothe, you'd need to go find talll grass, that can be placed onto a burlap clothe, which will turn into a desired ghillie clothe.

Also would be cool if you could craft an improvised face mask variant of this hood, which will cover you mouth and nose, just like the balaclava.


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There should be 4 variants of this clothe:

A normal hood, a ghillie hood, a facemask hood or a facemask-ghillie hood.

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I personally think all this stuff is cool and all, but somehow it annoys me that you can run around wearing a welding mask or payday mask, and not suffer any disadvantages as concerns your field of view.

For example, have you ever worn a hoodie during the rain while riding your bike?

Every time you want to look over your shoulder to see if you can overtake a parked vehicle (i.e. see if there is a car approaching behind you) the hoodie blocks 80% of your field of view, forcing you to pull it back with one of your hands.

Otherwise, I think the model is super-hot and I wish they would add more non-military post-apocalyptic stuff to the game such as this.
You can't implement this stuff in third person view gaming though. And that just irks me. There should also be a disadvantage to wearing a hood in game if there is a disadvantage in real life.

@ColonelBurton Maybe they will add an additional U.I to first person view, when you use a facemask, balaclavaz welding mask or anything that covers your head. This game is supposed to replicate real life as much as possible, so that's a quite important gameplay aspect to be added. As well as it makes FP servers more tougher.