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Unable to pack down military tent, because Ghillie suit is in the slots that cannot be viewed because tent scroll not working
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i was crafting a ghillie top inside my military tent in my camp. I crafted the top and wanted to paint it green, so i took a spray can from the tent, and by mistake i took the wrong one that only had 60% left in it, resulting in my character picking up the spray can instead and dropping the ghillie suit into the tent but in the rows that cannot be viewed because the tent scroll down does not work.. Is there any way to fix this? if not, i just lost and ghillie suit i just created and even worse and really rare tent that took me ages to find. Plz help me out i dont wanna loose my tent..


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Fill up all slots in the tent, exchange a big item from you´re backpack with a small item inside the tent, and the items you just dropped with go in the slots that cant be view and u loose both tent and item..

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I even emptied all item out of the tent and put them on the ground to see if i was able to pack down the tent, or atleast find out where the crafted ghillie suit went.. But with all visable items out of the tent it still says 18/254 slots avalible.. Is there any work around this? i really wanna atleast keep my tent..

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Thank you for the report equeone.
We are aware of this issue #0019433 and it has been scheduled for a fix.