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Since the Update on 02/19/2015 about 18:15 CET Game won`t start anymore
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If i try to start the game it won`t start. Still being inside the Steamwindow and nothing starts. I tried to check the game through Steam and no error accours. But if i go inside the Gamedir and wann start the game i get the Message that SimulClouds_MD.dll is missing and i should reinstall the game.


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It always says the File is missing.

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After getting the new Update (the missing file) games starts again.

Thanks for that fast solving!

I did both updates and Dayz will still not open. Tried restarting steam and verifying game files and still cant open dayz

UPDATE: I went to the folder steamapps>common>dayz> and opened the dayz executable from there and dayz opened after 2 minutes. from then on the dayz icon on desktop has worked to open dayz

I have the same issue but can't resolve it, can't launch game from Steam nor files.

andy added a comment.Feb 20 2015, 10:15 AM

Hi dinxsbumz. Happy to hear it works now!
Dark-Weed, please try reinstalling the game or launching it directly as heirfuhrer has described. If neither helps, please submit a new ticket.