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Vybor Camo/Prison building sitting in walls
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Playing last night on a populated server. Myself and friend decide to clear out the prison building at Vybor military compound. We find at least 5-6 dead bodies on the floor (which we struggle to move past). Finding the prison completely empty we start to move past the bottom of the stairs when a player moves out, crouched through the wall and kills my friend, I manage to shoot the player twice with an SKS and knock him unconscious however he sinks through the floor. I run upstairs and they are unable to kill me through the wall from downstairs to upstairs.
While upstairs I could hear that there were at least three players in the wall, the player I knocked unconscious slid under the floor and back outside however.

It looked as if the player was below the floor of the building while he moved out from the wall.

I know this was an issue quite a while ago with players in the walls of this building however it looks like they have found a way to get back into it downstairs.


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Have not tried to reproduce.

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40/40 server, low ping (18 avg.), no desync.

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andy added a comment.Feb 18 2015, 4:41 PM

Hi Batten_burg and thanks for the feedback.
We are aware of this and know the cause - it has been scheduled for a fix.
I am going to close this ticket as the issue has been reported before.
Thanks again,