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HI Dean Hall
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I'M a dayz player i have play for around 200 h now. And im right now going a course in coding and programing. I love dayz it's my favorite game of all the games out there. But Dean u have got a fight to face H1Z1 is out now and they are take the world fast.The bugs i think thats one of the problems u have known for about a year that zombies can walk through walls and dorrs and sometimes they even end up under the floor. The fps drop in citys/shadows.
Sometimes the character starts hitting in the air and wont stop.Dean i'm not gonna stop gonna stop play dayz for a new litle game like H1Z1 but every one is not like me. This is a fight they want to take ur place on the top. But i think u can win this fight. Keep up the great work and don't forget the bugs


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haha, how did this get assigned? :p

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Dean is not with us anymore but thanks for your kind words :).
The issues you have mentioned are known, have been reported before and are being worked on.