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Fireplaces and furnaces can be invisible
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This may only happen after placing a number of fireplaces or furnaces on a single persistant server.

I currently placed 7 normal (visible) furnaces (fireplaces upgraded with stones) over the course of 5 days. I may have had a few others previously, but they APPEAR to have despawned over time.

While these 7 fireplaces are present, my next two attempts at placing fireplaces are invisible. They are invisible in both the fireplace and furnace state. If I am standing near, I can still access them via the inventory screen. And if I can remember where I put them, I can find them again. However, there is no visible clue that they are in the area. (These are not near any buildings. Open forest area).


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Just start making furnaces. Perhaps keep adding and removing items to the existing ones every now and then. (assuming there is a despawn timer that gets reset if the fireplace is used)

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Geez added a comment.Feb 17 2015, 12:16 PM

Hello and thank you for your report survivin.
Unfortunately we were not able to reproduce this issue. Could you send us some more information regarding this issue , possibly a video capturing it?


I am currently trying to reproduce as well.
I woke up this morning and tried. Likely a few server restarts happened in the meantime.

First thing I noticed is that my invisible fireplace from the previous evening is still accessible via inventory and still invisible. I've tried creating a few more so far this morning, but they're all visible and I can't seem to reproduce yet.

I am currently trying to build a bunch to see if I can reproduce (and if I can figure out how to do a video, I will).

Current persistent tally on this server before I ran out of rags:

7x visible fireplaces
9x visible ovens

1x invisible oven somewhere in the woods, probably. (Walked away and cannot find it again, but I could access oven inventory before I left)

1x invisible oven (can still access it if I pace off from a known landmark)

At the time, the reproducibility of this seemed high, but now it's looking like something was glitched or the condition that allowed it has cleared itself.

The uploaded picture can be found at

While I was outside looking for sticks and stones, my fellow crafted a fireplace kit and added 5 sticks to get a fireplace. When I came back, I couldn't see the fireplace at all but my character was running into a invisible barrier. I could add the stones via the 'vicinity' window, still the oven remained invisible to me. The two other fellows didn't have a problem to see the fireplace in any stage.

My friend ignited the fireplace and I could at least see the burning fire and some wood, all glitched through the floor. The pot in the picture was added afterwards.

Couldn't reproduce the bug today on a permanent 1st person-only server

Crafted one fireplace after another and ignited everyone right after crafting.
I used the place right under a canopy (izurvive coordinates 120/059).

7x furnace
2x furnace + pot
1x fireplace + tripod
1x fireplace + stonering + tripod
2x simple fireplace

Went away (330m) to get more kindlings (used only those) and reignited either with matches or by blowing.

None disappeared or became invisible within these 45 minutes.

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This test was performed under the new DayZ stable version 0.54

I have crafted about 35 fireplaces since my initial report and have not been able to reproduce it. That, coupled with zimtente's comment about not seeing his fireplace, while others could, makes me think this is some glitch that occurs client side, but may not be very common and they're not truly invisible.

Geez added a comment.Mar 2 2015, 12:15 PM

Hello survivin.
In that case I am going to close the ticket. Feel free to create a new ticket in case the issue re appears.