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Duffelbag/Suitcase container
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A set of container items like duffelbags/rifle cases/suitcases should be added. They can only be carried by hand and serve as a way for a player to expand carry capacity beyond equipped clothes and backpacks. But these items are not usable until you set down the bag. This will allow players to be "couriers" for gear for other players (perhaps carrying some gear from a dead friend's body to give to them when you meet again), perhaps these dropped bags can be eventually saved by persistence to allow player-made "S.T.A.L.K.E.R."-esque stashes to be around a given server. Ideas for specific types:

Duffelbag - serves as a second backpack holds about as much as a mountain backpack

-Suitcase - holds an entire outfit minus a backpack and helmets

-Rifle case - obvious, holds a long gun

-Pistol case - holds pistols and sawed off weaponry as well as the AKS74u


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So what happens to the bag when you eat, drink, climb ladders, get into vehicles and stuff like that?

You should do it with one hand.

I was thinking you drop it to do anything else, like the Jerry Can. But if it took up one hand and allowed things like eating, that would be an entirely new item behavior.

Or maybe rifle case that allow you to carry rifle inside backpack. Size should be like 4x5 so you can take only 2 of them into mountain/hunter backpack, but they should be rare like spawn on heli crash only.