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SUGGESTION: Should find firewood in firewood stacks
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There is tons of firewood to be found in a forest ground in real life. It usually just needs to be snapped into small pieces. Not in DayZ, though. You have to chop trees down to make a fire or chop up some shrubs.

But what's really silly is I often find HUUUUGE stacks of firewood but can't pick any up.

Reminds me of the pumpkin patches where I can't eat the pumpkins.

I don't expect much from DayZ, like that I'll ever be able to craft a makeshift poncho from the plastic foil that covers the material in the construction site, or that I can chop up furniture for firewood..... or that I might actually find a gate where I hear a clanking gate....

But please... either remove these firewood stacks from the game or make them spawn free firewood.


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here, sir, you have my like.

Added another pic of firewood that should be interactive

got logical flow. have my like.