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Ability to kick and whitelist needs to go from public hive servers (for now).
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Right now it's being abused by admins farming loot. In the past 15 minutes I've been kicked from 4 different servers for no apparent reason other than that the paranoid admins are looting.

Since cheaters/hackers cannot be identified by name (unless you get within arms reach and check their pulse (alive or not)), it serves little if any legitimate purpose.

Also, unscheduled restarts should not spawn any loot nor alter the heli crashes.


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It is not allowed, if you encounter such a server report it to the GSP:

"Where to to send your server reports:



Fragnet: or submit a ticket to their abuse department



If you don't know which GSP the offending server is rented from, just send the report to all of them and they'll sort it out themselves.

  • Remember to include the IP and port numbers, the server name is not enough*

You find these numbers by highlighting the server in the server browser, then selecting 'Detail' at the lower right. If you can't remember which server you were playing on, you can find it under the 'History' tab."

"Unacceptable usage of DayZ Servers (Also known as the “Don’t” list)
You may not change the following variables on your server

-Player count beyond 40, and below 30.
-Message of the day to include slander, racism, sexism, or any general hate speak.
-Signature Verification (Must always be enabled)

Server name must not contain any terms or phrases of the themes below

-Player Versus Environment only
-Player will be kicked
-Server somehow has modified loot spawns, or other game data
-Server is private
-Server is “not operating properly”
-Impersonating official DayZ servers (Stable or Experimental)
-Hatespeak /Defamation of any person, place, or company

You may not perform the following actions on your server

-Restart server to farm loot

-Restart server to protect your character integrity after dying
-Kick/Ban players without just cause
-Lock / Password the server"

I know I can report them however there's a few problems:

  1. If you join a random server you may not remember the name, so you can't really report it if you have no information. This game STILL DOESN'T HAVE A WORKING HISTORY TAB!

1a) You need to take the incentive to find who owns the physical server.

  1. The owner may get a slap on his wrist and continue doing what he was doing. It is unlikely his contract will get terminated.
  2. These servers are everywhere. It's not one or two rule breakers.

Bohemia outright gives them the tools to break their rules and then pushes enforcement of said rules onto 3rd parties. Said tools need to go if they have little to no legitimate usage.

NBPone added a subscriber: NBPone.May 8 2016, 9:29 PM

half of all public Server are now privat and you are not able to Play on.
So for each Report you wioll lose more Server to Play.
Its so funny.

"Yes, i reported this Server. Now we have lost more then 50% of all Server. Like a hero"

Ability to kick and whitelist needs to go from public hive servers

Simply NO. pay the same price private owners are and ill agree with you. Until then NO.

I do agree you need to submit these abusive servers. Sometimes its a hacker they are trying to find and someone gets booted.

But to simply upgrade the public to a private standard at half the cost, no way otherwise us private owners will ask for a huge refund. Cough up the extra money if you want to host private with these features.


Abide by the rules if you wish to host the server, your attitude outright shows that you're one of the assholes hosting servers in violation of the rules.
I am tired of the same old excuse that killed l4d2. "We pay so we can do whatever the fuck we want, fuck you". I just hope that Bohemia won't have their heads up their asses like Valve did.

Refund? For what? If a contract is terminated because you didn't hold up your part then you don't get jackshit 99% of the time.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 9:29 PM

As a note, I've often times reported many servers for this type of behavior and most GSP have responded with the same response : Unless I have proof of it, they cannot do anything.

This essentially means that unless you are recording your gameplay, they won't do anything. The most I got one host to do was shut down a server for about an hour until the owner agreed to not do it again. That was it.

Hi nexdemise,

As mentioned by HaseDesTodes, you can always report servers such as these directly to the GSPs.

I've reported numerous servers being abused by admins, and for every instance I attach a screenshot of the "You've been kicked..." pop-up after I reconnect via the Remote tab. I know that this is extra tedious, but at least it's a bit more documentation that I can send across to the GSP.