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Dayz 0.53 Invisibility and Invulnerability Glitch
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While on the new Prison Island in a V3S (Passenger seat), the driver reversed into the water clipping a rock and sending the car into a spin. I could see various shades of blue for about 2minutes, not knowing what to do I simply left it.
It through me out the truck and I was in the water so I swam to the shore where a few friendly players were. They could see my text, they couldnt hear me and they couldnt see me. I tried shooting them with success, able to use my firearms and melee weapons. The inventory was not accessible though, neither was reloading as the game still presumed I was still in the truck. There was an option on the screen to "Get out" although this did nothing. They shot right at me with a full SKS clip with no luck of damaging me.


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Whether this could be redone by driving a V3S into a rock at an awkward angle is yet to be determined.

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Once I relogged on another server It sorted it out.
This happened during Septic Falcons Live stream and he saw the results, banning me thinking it was a hack or script.

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This happens a little differently. The passenger is dragged along by the car (due to how driving is handled, that's why it always looks like you're being driven by a drunk Evel Knievel).

If the car gets too far away from you (e.g. you're desycing alot, or the car from your perspective appears to go into a loop while in reality it moves away, or the car falls under the map). What happens is that for you the car entity ends up outside of the render zone, and on your screen you're spat out wherever your game thinks you're at.

You cannot enter your inventory. You cannot perform any actions, you'll get a message saying "I cannot do that now". Your actual body is still sitting in the passenger seat of the car. If shot, you'll die. If you disconnect that body will get out of the car, if you reconnect you'll be in the spot where the car was. If the car was moving you'll most likely die.

andy added a comment.Feb 16 2015, 12:49 PM

Hi ltjim007 and thanks for the report!
We have confirmed this issue and it has been scheduled for a fix.
I am going to close this ticket as this has been reported before, however rest assured we are looking into this.
Thanks again,