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Cars going under the map - I die if I get out
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I'm currently stuck under the map on a server and this is like the bazzilionth time it happens. Fully geared and really mad.


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Go full speed at a tree or some point where there's invisible spots on the map and watch as you go under the map without any escape.

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Had the same problem with the v3s because i drive over the 2 bridges at the factory (eas coast). I fall under the map and died because i leave the v3s.

I lost my character 3-4 times this way. I think driving mechanics is WIP.
BTW You've already lost your character because looks like when you're leaving the server he automatically gets out.

Only way to survive that is to wait until the server restart, which may take a while, probably best to stay energized and hydrated.

Otherwise someone can try unplugging their internet and hoping that BE kicks you out without killing you.

Died 3 times because of this, and there is a collision bug where a tree blocks the road in Pogo near green mountain. Going full speed at that area can kill you.

I just had a V3S glitch underground. I logged off and then back on and it stayed at please wait forever then finally said my character has been lost and it notified a system admin. Please re log. Upon re logging it loaded me a new character. wtf mate. hours of work gone because I bumped into a sign going about 10 khp

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Hello Rostas and thank you for the report.
We are aware of this issue #0021662 and it has been scheduled for a fix.