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Deer bodies disappear sometimes when shot
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Over the course of the last day I've hunted boar and deer.
I've shot 3 deer and two boar all with MP-133 Shotgun

Deer 1: In the middle of an open field. As soon as I pull the trigger, the buck disappears. Did not even see the falling animation. No body anywhere in sight. (Middle of day with plenty of visibility). Kill was 1st shot. Buck was unaware.

Deer 2: In the woods. Again, as soon as I pull the trigger, buck disappears. No body where the kill happened. As it was dark, I gave up and started off in a random direction. About 30 meters away I find the body, by chance, I believe. Kill was first shot. Buck was unaware.

Deer 3: Kill happened as expected. Body landed where expected. This example ncluded to show that it doesn't always happen. Only difference I observed is that I missed the first few shots and the buck started running, so he was aware when the killing shot hit.

Also killed two boar during this time and both died as expected. (also included to show perhaps limited scope of the issue).


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Sneak up on a buck unaware and one-shot kill, maybe? ... and maybe with MP-133 shotgun?

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Since animal and zombie behaviour may be getting a re-work in Q1 (according to the roadmap), maybe this is something that will fix itself with those updates.

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Confirmed. Have similar issues with wild boars.

Update: I've killed about a half dozen boar and a half dozen deer since opening the bug, but have not seen the behaviour originally reported. However, I have been using the improvised bow instead of the shotgun (which means I rarely land the first shot). However, the animals still appear to be unaware when I do hit them (I'm guessing because the bow is silent).

Experienced a similar issue. The deer was obviously stuck (didn't move at all). I killed it with a shotgun (heart shot) and I saw the deer colapsing for a short moment but it vanished. About 30m to the south the shot deer lay on the grass ready to be skinned which worked flawless.

As survivin stated, the direction fits quite well the escape route the deer would have taken.

Confirmed Zyryanoff's experience with wild boars.

Using sawed-off Izh43 and killing boar unaware with first shot while looking down barrel. Boar just disappeared and dead body was found 20 meters away in other direction (possibly the direction it could've run).

My totally baseless speculation is that these Schroedingers' animals are both alive and dead. The client detects that they were killed, but the server lets them be alerted and start running. Once they sync up again, the animal is killed and the body falls where it was thought to have run. Just a guess though.

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I will look into it. But we killed 2 deers

Me with a Mosin (2nd hit) and everything was right. My friend killed also a deer I'm not sure I think it was the shotgun with 6 shots but I am not sure. He killed the deer with the first shot and everything was okey with that

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Hello and thank you for your report survivin.
Unfortunately we haven't been able to reproduce this issue, however, there are certain issues we are aware of which could be causing this issue and they have been scheduled for a fix.