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Doors are acting buggy/ easily changed through scripts, playing with a friend we got killed which seemed impossible by someone running through a door (old hack) and later on found out the doors were showing differently for each of us, for me they were open and for him closed so i would run through doors on his screen... little bit of frustration when someone runs right through a door that appears to be closed on your screen. Later found and talked with the scripter in game for a bit on stream and he informed us it was a free script to play with doors to allow ghosting through them and he was the one that killed us


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Easily reproduced but sometimes seems random

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I think that you or your friend just struggled from one of many desyncs.

Not a d-sync issue, its easily reproduced in certain areas and used to be exploited by hackers often with a script

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It is a desync issue. It happens to me / friends on occasion. Sometimes it happens to me where all / most doors show open or closed and I have to open/close them before I can get them to react.

Just last night it happened to my friend, we were running through every door for him, he had to keep "closing" the doors, then opening them before he could be through.

Please stop responding if you don't even fully understand what d-sync is. This is NOT a d-sync issue and this has nothing to do with what i'm even talking about. This is a script that was made to make players able to go through walls and doors without them responding. Please watch more streams and play more often on full pops and you will experience the control they have of it.

Oh, okay.

I guess that server I played on that was completely empty except for me and my friend was running a server sided script for a non-existent hacker so he could run through doors without us seeing him.

It happens more on full population servers because the desync is more common, it also happens on servers that you're not connecting to very well, such as servers with high latency.

If I could down vote this again, I would.

You're talking about multiple people seeing a door open, one person seeing the door closed and saying it's a script. You're confused. Your very ticket says "the doors were showing different things for us".

That is the definition of desync - when you are seeing different things, you're not synced with the server, you're both experiencing different things and desyncing.

It happens more often on populated because thats where scripters usually hang out. And this is not a d-sync issue like i said, im well aware what d-sync is and this is not what we've been experiencing... down vote it all you want, you clearly have no interest in bettering the community if so, I've ran with people using scripts that have randomly just teleported to me and told me about them and spent a long amount of time researching what they can and can't do and whats available to them for free download and terrain control through doors is one of the many free scripts they're able to use. Im not talking about multiple people seeing a door open im talking about a script allowing players to abuse door mechanics and go through doors whether theyre open or closed, and from our tests 90% of the time the bugs with the doors is the result of them being tampered with through script abuse. My ticket says that because I can't directly just say i know the script or code that allows it, but its a fairly easy one that is on the "free" list. I own my own server and experience some d-sync occasionally yes, but testing with two other friends on stream WITH the scripter that was following us showed us that is was not a d-sync issue.

You're clueless.

I'm not saying there aren't hacks that do it, but the majority of time, it's desync.

I'm not interested in bettering the community? You just admitted to running around with people who play with hacks, buddy.

You're not talking about multiple people seeing a door open or closed?

You said "found out the doors were showing differently for each of us, for me they were open and for him closed so i would run through doors on his screen..."

You should just delete this already.

When you stream you have no choice of who comes with you at times, once the stream is up at least 65% percent of the time a scripter will come and bother us, theres nothing we can do about that it just happened that he was talking to us while he flew around and im fairly certain talking to them is no issue, if anything we learned a lot about what they do and the holes theyre going through. You don't have to come back and keep harassing me on a bug report forum, im here to report the bugs and exploits not argue with someone, let the devs decide and read it, your opinion is fine but its not accurate to my topic. And yes the doors do act differently, after the scripting player was playing with them they appeared in various positions(open/closed) for 4 of us.

Just like this guy said, it's desync.

I have to say that I once saw a guy glitch through a gate at Green Mountain without opening it. I am 100% certain it was closed because I spawned in after server restart.

He just rain to the edge of the gate and continued running on the spot for a second then glitched into the compound. Gate remained closed

I do think there is a script or something that perhaps opens the gate for a split second and closes it immediately? After all, opening and closing interrupts the game sound

I've had it happen to me immediately have a server restart. I've had it happen to friends immediately after a server restart. I've watched friends run through doors and friends have watched me do it.

It's happened right after restarts, it's happened in low pops and it's happened in high pops. It's a desync issue that has been around for a long time.

I'm sure there is a hack that allows this as well - I am disputing that. I'm stating that 99% of the time, it is a desync issue and the devs have much more important issues the focus on, other than some guy (the author) who can't just accept that it was desync.

Edit: This also happens everywhere. If a friend is experiencing this (or me) on a server, I'll experience it everywhere. Not just one area. It'll be the entire server until I log off and log back on. That's usually all it takes is leaving the server and rejoining.

What youre not understanding is i was WITH the scripter as he was spam closing the doors open and shut, they were making sounds every time as well the sound still works for the glitch. I cant tell if youre trolling at this point or what. The scripter killed us after finding us on stream, came to us in the air and started talking to us (obviously rudely) so we talked him down a bit and asked about how he killed us and what hes able to do and he took one of us in a vehicle through the air showing us that hes able to fly through the skys in a vehicle to the spot we died for us to get our gear back, and he showed us that hes able to open doors very quickly (they still make sounds) and hes also able to ghost through them and certain buildings, not every building. We talked for a while and i have many private reports about this as it seems people cant handle the fact that theres hacks in the game and try and blame d-sync everytime. I checked for a highlight on our stream but dont have it or i would have ended this argument a long time ago. The only reason it was tagged differently is because I wasnt sure how things would go openly saying i flew around with a scriper and talked to him for awhile, but at this point it happens to us so often we really cant stream this game anymore without having them harass us, there is many less this patch but the ones left are the more serious abusers that have much more control such as resetting your respawn timer to 350 seconds over and over again, slowly killing everyone in the area and other things among that. We as in me and the people i play with are well aware of what happened to us and thats why it is a report, clearly i made the mistake of making it a public thread instead of private.

I'm here to report the bugs, but more often im here reporting the hacks/scripts because thats what ruins the game for me personally and as ive said previously i know what d-sync is and this is not an issue with d-sync.

That's great - I've mentioned several times that I am sure there are hacks that allow this to happen. BattleEye will take care of him.

What YOU don't seem to understand is that there is an issue with desync where you will watch characters walk through doors, and then when you get to the door, it'll be closed for you.

When you try to open it, it'll show you the "Close Door" icon instead. You'll then "close it" on other peoples screens, and then "open it" on yours.

You can be right behind them when this happens - there won't be any noise of the door opening or closing when you watch someone walk "through" the door - because it's already opened. It's just a desync issue on your end. The door position didn't register properly, it was already open and your side isn't showing it. You can fix it by logging out.

If you're going to make a report, do several things

  1. Make it proper - us punctuation, grammar, break up your paragraphs.
  2. Stop contradicting yourself. Every other response has contradicted yourself.
  3. Stop getting pissy when other people explain things, when your initial (and follow up) posts aren't clearly explaining the issue.

Not only will this help the community, it'll help the developers properly investigate the issue.

So to recap, as I've stated several times

YES - it is a desync issue
YES - there is a hack to do this as well.

This is now the THIRD time I am saying that there are hacks that allow it AND is happens due to desync as well, yet you keep arguing about it.

Not even sure why you're arguing at this point.

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i was on the prison, persistence on and public hive, and the mostly doors in there are bugged this way, some time my friend crossed a closed door, and some times he stop an open door. i saw the true.. The server shows diferent things. Why?

Desync, you're not registering what the server is showing. If you log off and back in, often times it'll correct the issue.

I wish they made this a closed alpha. This way the testers and such could do tests and remove the player base kid scripters out of it. Since most alpha tests are 18+

De sync is bad, but the poster is probably correct. Half the de sync issues look normal you can tell by watching.