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One hit from zed: Pristine jacket is ruined.
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I've had this on several occasions since 0.53 hit stable.

Using a pristine (or worn) TTsKO jacket in combination with a Smersh vest + backpack. When a random zombie hits you once, the jacket is ruined but the contents are fine some of the times.

I thought this was a one time bug, but it's been happening multiple times in a row (not only with a TTsKO jacket but others as well).


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Wear a pristine jacket
  • Put random items in it (in my case: CMAG 40 mag + 2 stacks of 5.56 ammunition)
  • Wear smersh vest + backpack combo (not sure if this really matters or not)
  • Let a zed hit you once

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Some more info:

This doesn't only happen with the smersh vest+pack & TTsKO jacket, but with anything.

Yesterday, I was wearing a prestine riders jacket which I looted the day before. While running on NW airstrip, I get hit _once_ by one zombie and I visually see my jacket being ruined.

I checked my gear right before as I looted some new stuff. I'm 100% positive the jacket was pristine.

So instead of going from Pristine -> Worn -> Damaged -> Badly Damaged -> Ruined, it simply goes like Pristine -> Pristine -> Pristine -> Ruined.

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maybe you can check this ticket

This can happen, zombie damage is maybe randomized, sometimes they can break your arm,too...Not sure if this is as designed or a bug ;)

andy added a comment.Feb 18 2015, 11:18 AM

Hi Liscion and thanks for the feedback.
Sadly, this is currently the intended behavior and it can happen randomly. Rest assured this is not the final version of the damage system, however it might take some time until we get to rework it. Please be patient.