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CR75 magazine - wrong unload mechanics
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Strange, but recently I've found out that it is possible to unload CR75 mag while it's attached to the gun - that's incorrect because IRL firstly you should remove the magazine from the pistol and only then you would be able to take bullets.
Besides, it seems (not sure) that if you unload the CR75 mag that way while your inventory is full bullets will disappear (not in vicinity).


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  1. CR75 loaded with full mag.
  2. Take weapon into hands.
  3. Right click on magazine - "Empty"
  4. Worked? If so - that's incorrect.
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Does anybody test that issue?

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Yup. I was unable to reproduce however, there was no "Empty" option for a magazine loaded in the pistol.
Would it be possible to confirm that this is still happening to you?

Hi Andy. Thanks for your work.
I haven't tried to reproduce this issue just because I couldn't find another CR75 yet.
I am 100% sure that I was on Vilayer's "Dayz NL 3-..." server and emptied attached mag.
Maybe it was some kind of desync?