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glitchs and bugs in the new location PRISON ISLAND
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People go inside walls or just shoot/look through it without problems in most of the site making encounters with players a no-funny death.

glitch in the GreenPrison (like Balota,or another airfield) seen in older versions, you can go down the floor of it and see everything inside.


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go near a wall, press Q or E and look through.

sprint to the wall (left side of the main door) and press Z, you are inside now

Additional Information

GreenPrison is fixed in other places

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andy added a comment.Feb 11 2015, 2:47 PM

Hi PumbaPumba and thank you for the report!
The possibility to glitch inside of the inaccessible part of the building has been scheduled for a fix.
Would it be possible to specify where exactly you are able to lean (Q/E) and see through walls?
Thank you,