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Random Game Crashes and Freezes
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Hi All,

I recently purchased DAYZ Standalone and I understand that it is in Alpha but i have been having some struggles. I Have a very high end gaming rig so it should have no problem playing the game DIMED on every aspect but it randomly locks up on me here are my specs:

AMD FX-9590 CPU (8x 4.70GHz/8MB L3 Cache) - With Liquid Cooling
ASUS Sabertooth 990FX
16 GB DDR3-1866
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 - 4GB
1000 Watt Power Supply
1 TB SSD - Primary
2 TB Data Drive
Windows 8.1
Dual 36" Monitors

Sometimes it will allow me to play for a couple hours, sometimes i cant even get into a server. Sometimes it causes a complete system lock and sometimes it will just error to the desktop.

I have monitored my system Temps and nothing is out of normal parameters.
I am not playing in experimental.
There are no other programs that are running.

I am at a complete loss of how to proceed

Please Advise....


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Game Crash
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I have tried many different aspects to recreate this but it is completely random.

I have tried:
Every configuration of in game setting changes (Video settings drastically reduced) Etc..!
Setting Processor Affinity (so only 1 Physical Processor is utilized Core 0 & 1)
Complete game Uninstall/Reinstall
Disabling everything possible (Do Not Run Antivirus)
Disabling one of my 2 Monitors
Ive monitored my System temperatures to ensure its not getting over 70C
Probably a lot more that I am forgetting as of this moment

Additional Information

I have attached my ZIP file that should have my crash data. as well as the DxDiag file as well.

Thank you.

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Is Anyone Going to respond?

Czech republic. Watch at current time. All devs and support are sleeping. =)

Got ya thank you,
It has just been a few days thats all

andy added a comment.Feb 18 2015, 12:11 PM

Hi camarokwiley and sorry about your trouble.
The programmers looked into this and made a couple small fixes which should hopefully help. Please let me know if this is still an issue after the next Steam patch.

I had another crash.

Stated that "The instruction at 0x00ae9723 referenced memory at 0x0000002c. The memory could not be read"

Please Help

Just had an entire system crash after i reported my last comment.

"thread exception not handled"

Do i need to re-upload the files again?

Ok so i figured out this problem. This game does not like an 8 core processor. I went into my Bios and turned off 4 cores. Game runs great now... even though im currently stuck under a house.