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character falling into unconscious with throwing a weapon
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i was playing with my pro and all going good tell he found out that if you throw a melee weapon it makes you unconscious so tried it too and it worked :D
its was a good trolling thing for stealing ppl stuff XD
but i said i need to report it
one thing that when you fall unconscious you can see your surrounding and stuff and can talk and do stuff in your inventory
oh ya and you cant wake up from unconscious so your dead but you cant re-spawn so you need some one to kill you


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Steps To Reproduce

1-place a weapon in your hand
2-throw it by pressing G
3-just watch

Additional Information

not sure if it works on all weapons i am pretty sure it works with
hammer fire extinguisher ice axe but i dose not work with the prom now thats all the weapons i have tested so i am not sure about others

if you want more info tell me and i will try to make a video to show you how it happens

the photo down here is how it looks like when you have done the glitch

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Hi major__abdullah and thank you for the report!
We are aware of this and it has been scheduled for a fix - please be patient.

its ok i would not mine it being fixed for v0.55 :P