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Switching eatable item while eating
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It's really simply, if you have anything consumable in your inventory, take it into your hand and start eating it. While you are eating you can replace it with an item in your vicinity and the item will disappear from your hand and will now be on the floor. The item is still consumed(and disappears) but will be removed from your hands.


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Steps To Reproduce

1 - Lay an item on the ground
2 - Have an editable item in your inventory
3 - Start eating the item in your inventory
4 - Drag and drop the item from proximity onto the item you are eating in your inventory so they switch places
5 - The item will disappear from your hands and switch place with the item in proximity

Additional Information

It's in no way game breaking, but just a minor detail.

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Hi Musk and thank you for your feedback!
We are aware of this and it has been reported a couple times before. Sadly, this is linked to some general principles of the inventory system and would be hard to fix separately - please be patient, as this system will be a subject to some tweaks and reworking in the future, which should take care of this issue.
Thanks again,