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0.53 Hackers
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February 8th starting at around 2:50 AM an Admin for our pubic server "Welcome to the Jungle 24/7 Daytime " encountered two hackers by the names Pete (76561198210043388) and William (76561198170244405). The evidence of their actions can be viewed on this unlisted youtube link found here: capabilities consisted of the following:

Capabilities included:

  • crash / restart server
  • Global Voice Channel
  • ESP (seemed to know Christian's name)
  • teleport
  • spawn items in (V3S)
  • flying V3S
  • invisible punching

Thanks to vigilant efforts on behalf of the admin involved (Player name is Christian), we successfully captured the player's names including Steam ID's thanks to the wonderful logs we now have in .53

Summary of video events that you can skip to in video but please watch the whole thing for audio from the hacker(s).

@ 4:50 - see hacker move quickly behind admin
@ 6:19 - gray screen from being punched, unconscious, followed by death
@ - 10:56 VS3 spawn directly behind admin
@ - 12:03 hacker asks admin to get out for a magic trick
@ - 14:23 flying VS3
@15:10 with confirmed names of hackers, admin kicks players and bodies fall from the sky.


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Steps To Reproduce

Join public server "Welcome to the Jungle 24/7 Daytime

possibly encounter this now that we've witnessed it.

Additional Information

Attached logs with player names and ID's at top of file. You can search through logs to see their activity.

One note in the logs is there are three kills logged by William (76561198170244405) as unknown entity. At least one of these we believe is the admin when he dies in the video.

Please let us know if you need any further info or video. The youtube clip is edited to eliminate a lot of the time where there wasn't much interaction with the hacker(s).

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devs can't ban players, battleye does.

Franzuu added a subscriber: Franzuu.May 8 2016, 9:25 PM

battleye does not ban people based on evidence like this. Only if their program detects a hacker will they get a BE ban.

crash/restart server functionalities are a serious issue that the devs need to look into.

Also global voice was supposed to be fixed and force restart/crash I haven't heard of in a while.

Per this post on the dayz forums:

It states this is how hacking/cheating needs to be reported. I've set the video to "not listed" instead of "private" so the dev's can review this. IMHO there is more than enough evidence to apply a BE ban. If anything this video evidence will allow the security team to determine what the hackers have already re-coded to perform actions like these in .53

This needs some serious attention good job The Riddler.

So BEC didn't do its work totally then. Sucks.

Thanks for the props. Its in the right hands.

Thanks for sending in all the info Riddler. I'm having a bit of trouble finding your server in the browser. Do you have the server info by any chance (ip + port)?


I found the info (

Thanks again for sending in all your information. We'll perform an investigation into those players and see what we come up with. For security reasons, we won't be able to divulge any information regarding the investigation though.

Thanks again :)