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"[SWLS]Clan Server" admin is kicking every random player
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Name: "[SWLS]Clan Server"
Public, BattleEye


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Joining the server results in kick from admin. He was patient enough to keep kicking me for 10-12, during which i tried to join in, hence i think the reproductibility set as always is correct.

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Apparently server admin has found me on steam and asked why i keep coming to "his server". He openly admits to the offense. Chat screenshot attached.

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I know they couldn't do that but what were you expecting? The name of the server clearly says that it is a clan server. just don't join servers with a title like that.

But that's a violation of the rules, Joss. Public servers are public, and if this clan doesn't follow the requirements for owning a public server, they don't get to keep it.

I've been kicked at least twice by these same guys. It's disturbing that their admin would actually seek you out by name on Steam to scare you off.

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The conversation was more hilarious than scary, to be honest. I`ve been through worse incidents, like being cursed and shouted at when trying to join.

@The_Joss123 the rules are clear, just because someone can pay for his own server on a public hive, it doesn't mean that he can treat it like his own, private stockpile for stuff.

@Haos Yes it does mean. He paid for that server, he can kick you off server. Money rules stuff here.
And also, what are you expecting to get from this forum? Maybe DayZ will get FBI and bust that guy who is hosting server? This forum IS NOT for reporting PLAYERS/SERVER. It's used for reporting BUGS, GLITCHES and SUGGESTIONS for future.

Hi Haos,

Thanks for sending in your feedback regarding this issue. You can always report abusive servers directly to the server host:

Fragnet: or submit a ticket to their abuse department

If you don't know which GSP the offending server is rented from, just send the report to all of them and they'll sort it out themselves.

As always, just send them the ip + port number and they'll take appropriate action. I'm sure they'll be quite interested in getting a copy of your screenshot as well for this case.