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My dayz character that I had for a while has reset upon the new version
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before logging back on my character was at least 3 weeks alive. I'v put too much time into this game to start again for a reason such as character reset. Is there anything you guys can do to get my character back ? my character was just called jay my steam is


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public database was wiped for the 0.53 stable patch, probably to get rid of hacked gear (i am not inferring that YOU had any hacked gear on you).

this is just something we have to live with during the developement stages of the game.

Golden Rule of DayZ: Don't get attached to your gear.

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This has been warned about for a while, I guess you just got unlucky and didn't find out :)

Did you guys above have all your characters reset as well in 0.53 like we've been???? Or are we the only ONES that have to start over again/... Been ripped off. I thought battleEye sorted out Hackers??? Cheeers M8.

Hello gamerfriction,

Unfortunately, since the public hive was wiped with the 0.53 update, we won't be able to reinstate your previous character. This was announced ac ouple of times before the update though: