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Reproducible method to despawn items
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This is a process in which items can be deleted from the game, even if they reside in a player's inventory. Here's a video showing the behavior:


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Steps To Reproduce

On a persistent server, leave any container (clothing, backpack, tent, etc) on the ground with some items in it.

Wait for the server to restart.

Drag any of the items in that container onto the ground, put some back into the original container or on the character's inventory. Those items will be deleted in 30 minutes.

The only way to avoid the item deletion is by logging out and back in - items in the characters inventory will not be deleted.

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Watched the video too, looks usefull for devs, was about to do the same thing and make ticket but found yours, good job :)

andy added a comment.Feb 6 2015, 1:44 PM

Hi Brokunn and THANKS for a great ticket! You've done like half the work for us here :).
The issue is now scheduled for a fix with high priority and should get looked into soon.
Thanks again,

This fella deserves cookies. A lot of cookies.