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swamps are only ankle-deep - make them deeper!
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If noticed that, no matter where i go, all swamp-areas are only ankle-deep, barely being a swamp for that matter. Why is that so?

Are there plans to make far more, far deeper areas, at least waist and chest high most of the times, otherwise what would be the point of these?


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Windows 7
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  • go to any swamp area
  • walk around and try to wade through the water
  • realize the water is not really deep anywhere
Additional Information

screen to showcase the problem:

deeper swamps would also enhance gameplay possibilities:
getting rid of loot/objects in general/hide&seek possibilities etc..

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dude's right

Hell, I even want some swamps inland. Not right next to oceans. It's just too dry inland with so much fields to a point where all the environment feels dull. we need more diverse environment like sand, tall grass, dense forest, proper rivers(that actually flows), large lakes(maybe with some islands in the middle), bridges that spans to the island across the ocean, cliffs with footpaths and waterfalls, railway tunnels.... so many possibilities.

Just like lagrange said, this is awesome idea!

I am just curious if someone could actually confirm if there are at least some deeper areas in these swamps.

i agree. some sort of quagmire in combination with eventually implemented fog would surely take the cake in terms of creepiness

Still too shallow to allow for a proper "swampy" feeling/gameplay

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