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'Special' Inventory Slot Appears if Trousers Removed
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A bit tongue-in-cheek this one, but it's my first feature request so hey! Why not?
It's actually quite realistic, perfectly feasible, and quite possibly worthwhile.

Basically, a single inventory slot is enabled upon trouser removal.

In other words, make it so you can stash a clip up your ass I.C.E.


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Remove Legwear.

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Females could potentially have two.

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This would be great for DayZRP...

snipe added a subscriber: snipe.May 8 2016, 9:19 PM

LOL, I just thought maybe hidden in underware but your request is funnier.

I was thinking you should be able to put one pistol under your belt, like behind your back, no matter what kind of pants you had on.

Right, let's have some marijuana ziplock bags next as well.