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[Experimental] MP-133 Shotgun with pistol grip, hands not properly placed onto shotgun.
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As the title says, the shotgun with grip is not properly placed, hands are sticking outside the grip leading towards ugly animations.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Grab a MP-133 Shotgun with pistol grip.
  2. Place it into your hands.
  3. Aim the gun straight forward, look to the right or left of the gun in 3rd person.
  4. Bug appears.
Additional Information

Not much to say, a little known bug which should be looked into to.

Picture of the bug:

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andy added a comment.Feb 2 2015, 12:25 PM

Hi Henrik115 and thank you for your report!
We have confirmed this and it has been scheduled for a fix.

No problem! prison building in some areas you can't pick up loot.

@andy You didn't fix anything, this was on the 0.53 experimental build the first one actually, and none of you took the time to look into this little issue, now it's 0.54 and the bug is still there. I'm guessing the reports i make are just pointless.

@andy Problem has been resolved please mark it as such.