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[Suggestion] Manual adjustment of the line of sight
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Hey, I try to keep this short. What annoys me since basically ever (not just in DayZ), is the forced view you have when you are in-eye. What I mean is, there is a window, obviously I don't want to stand right in front of it. But when I crouch, I can't look out anymore. Or I am sitting outside behind a trash can, same example. Standing is too obvious, sitting = no view.
It would be awesome if you could adjust the stance by a click on whatever button, lower, heighten. Or you could just keep your crouch stance and extend your neck to look over something.
The same problem happens when you are lying in the grass and you can't see anything because of the grass...


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I liked the stance system that ArmA3 used, for what little time I got playing with it. Obviously, the posture is super 'operator operating operations', but a civilian version of the 'stand higher/stand lower' two-button system would be awesome for DayZ, opening at least one button underneath WASD for other uses.

this is normal when u lie in higher grass, just role left/right to press the grass down, u get a better view.

i agree with you at the other point. a special function would be nice.