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Some items have no spawn points (0.53)
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Last patch I made a list of items that weren't spawning. Andy acknowledged that one but nothing has changed for this patch, so I'll continue my list in the hope that these items can be spawning correctly next patch.


(missing since) 0.48:

MP5 OEM Buttstock
Quiver for Bolts
Quiver for Arrows
PM73 RAK (might be in)
PM73 RAK 15 + 25 rnd mags (same)


Meat Cleaver
Hunting Knife
Handgun Suppressor
MP5 Compensator
MP5 Rail Handguard


NATO Supressor
Suppressor East (please bring back in!)
AK Bayonet
All sunglasses
M65 Field Jacket


Tactical Vest


Some items spawn, but don't/do spawn at the right/wrong places.

The .22 Amphibia mag doesn't spawn at heli crashes like it should, but only spawns at police stations.

Makarovs and makarov mags are everywhere at military bases, however the ammo only spawns at civilian locations and should spawn at tents and jails as well.

Thanks! If you find any more items please leave a comment, and hopefully I can run around with my fully kitted and suppressed MP5 like this old days :)

Here is a link to my last post:


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The Sunglasses are missing

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Thanks, added.

Sunglasses should be fixed in the next patch as mentioned today by a moderator but still nothing about the rest.Btw is the central loot economy really in game already? Otherwise i think it might be fixed with a patch that improves the loot economy. SVD was also confirmed a long time ago but is on halt due to loot economy as far as i know.

Tactical Vest was removed as far as i know because It was copied from Arma 3 and had lot's of clipping issues etc.

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This is accurate info, Also wasn't there a bipod for the Mosin at some stage?

and on a minor point, not terribly important, but I get the impression that something you guys aim for with Stand Alone is accurate info, just fyi, the Mosin 9130 caliber is actually 7.62x54r not 7.62x51 don't know that helps or not, but as i said, Minor point...

the major things are the items with no spawn points and I was fairly certain there was a Mosin bipod at some stage would be nice to see that go back in too.

Mosin Bipod was the Atlas Bipod but for some weird reason Bohemia decided to not let us attach it to the Mosin anymore. Might be about the missing attachment rails on the Mosin but seriously as long as there are no other sniper rifles in game there should be a bipod for it because the aim is quite unsteady even with the hold breath option.

There shouldn't be a bipod for the mosin, in doesn't fit and encourages people to snipe 600m+ easier which is against the idea of the game imo. I've added the M65 field jacket to the list.

Any chance finding can opener?

@ sgt. Walker make sure you put a split on and get warm, running wont aim.
Otherwise its very steedy, so not sure what your referring to.

The bipod would help prop the gun up over the horrible grass height.

Most of the items have not been added again, and nobody has commented on it from BI because they didn't introduce them. Why else would they not spawn and be mentioned by BI. Geez guys what is up.

Andy commented on the last post and said he would double check but it seems nothing has happened, it's even got a bit worse, so devs please look into this! I can't imagine this would be too hard to fix but really makes a difference to us players.

Updated the list to incorrect spawn points as well. I'm going to make this list as full of information as I can.

Has anyone found the AK Bayonet?

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I found can opener in .53

AK bayonet yes I have found it. I have not found any of the items since .51 and beyond that where added to the list or suppose list.

No glasses, but wasn't that to make room for other junk to be tested?

NO that was SKS bayonet I think, gawd I forgot.

PM73 RAK 15 and 25 rnd mags

EDIT: The PM73 RAK and mags DO spawn, however the rate is ridiculously low. I saw a video where someone found a PM73 in 0.52, however they had to find more than 300 MI8 heli crashes before they found it: I think this needs looking in to.

I have not seen one of these since looting the PM73 and the 15 round mag in the rust bucket Russian one. I haven't even really seen more then 1 heli spawn smoker, and 1 Russian rust bucket since the last patch.

Also I am getting a ton of glow sticks, rain coats, and civilian items spawning at the heli site. Its taking up space from our special spawn loot spots.

confirmed today rust bucket Russian RM 73 15 round clip so it is spawning since .52 and .53 I just got the message just now actually and came here to report it.

We have the rm73 on the other master server. We are shutting the services down but we have never found a rm73 25 round clip.

Today confirmed Russian RM 73 25 round clip spawns at island (2-3) one location.

Today confirmed MP5 compensator spawned in Island. (2-3) in new spawn locations.

Today confirmed some attachments spawned in police cars, mp5 handrail and 15/15 clip.

.54 suppressors spawning in sheds, and on island. Random locations like military type buildings.

Confirmed hunting knife spawned, in shed also on island and other random locations.

Confirmed glasses spawning again.

Also confirmed bipod spawning, but unable to figure out how to place it or what gun it fits on.

I have some screen shots of the items I threw away due to no space now to store these items for testing purposes only.

Agreed firm, I have found almost all the items that were missing. This is great news! Thanks devs :)