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Glitch inside prison's walls
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It's possible to glitch into prison's walls/floors and shoot there with mosin. But still you can get killed only with grenades there. It's very easy to sit in there and wait for looters and shoot them through walls.


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This bug/glitch has been possible for a long time and it works in all prisons.

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andy added a comment.Jan 22 2015, 10:21 AM

Hi sakkes96 and thank you for your report.
Are you sure this can be reproduced at the current version? This issue has gotten fixed some time ago and I have not been able to reproduce it, the character simply does not clip anymore.
Would it be possible to confirm that this issue is still present for you, preferably by trying it?
Thank you,

Yes, this glitch is possible, not just like in the video. There's a sign near the prison, by going prone and doing something it goes through and you're inside. It's hard to explain, I can try if I could record a video about it.