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In game voice chat - last word or two cut out, only to be heard next time that user begins talking again
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Hey, so this is fairly subtle and not always happening.

So a player come up and begins speaking through there mic, all is well until the end of there sentence. Usually the last word or two (very short) is cut out and won't be heard until the player speaks again - (The part that was cut out can be heard at the beginning, the next time they start speaking (could be a minute or two later)).

I can upload a clip or two where this is the case - It doesn't seem to happen to everyone, just some players, and it appears that it will stay that way with that player (i.e. it's not randomly happening to player A once or twice, player A always cuts out and then is heard. While player B can be heard as expected every time).

Please let me know if you'd like a video clip of what I'm talking about it as I've probably explained it half assed enough.


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Steps To Reproduce

Have someone speak a sentence through the mic

See if all the sentence was audible

if not, have the player speak a second time and see if the cut audio is now heard

Additional Information

I have a 2Mb down 1MB up connection, so I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it that plays into it.

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I know this bug. Its been there all the way from arma2. And its so annoying, you constantly have to ask people to repeat.
And i think its not apparent for everyone because some people use double tap caps lock or are used to hold the button longer after they speak.
If you have used the very responsive Teamspeak or Skype Push to Talk, its guaranteed that you release too early for the DayZ delay bug and cut off your own voice.