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DayZ server doesn't seem to fully restart, and the first person to join the server gets a character reset
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We have had several users in our game community report that our DayZ server at, when restarted, doesn't seem to always "fully restart". Instead the server sometimes (not all restarts) seem to be set in some sort of limbo where the game simulation only actually starts whenever the first person joins the server. And since there is a bug with characters being wiped when joining a server before the ingame simulation has begun (before ingame time is e.g. 09:01), there is a risk of always at least one player getting a character wipe each restart. This, in turn, makes this server pretty useless as you can imagine.

What can be done about this? Can we have some sort of dummy account always log in to the server after restart? Will a complete wipe/revamp of the server help? We have a BEC server as well, can we use it somehow to force the simulation to start? We're open to any and all suggestions.


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Happens at least once a day. It is noticable during early morning hours when nobody is playing on the server (eg. between 0200 and 0700 GMT+1) and the server has just restarted. Server restarts and gets stuck with an ingame time of 09:20 for at least half an hour, and doesn't begin simulation until a player joins the server.

Note that in the "normal/working" case and using the ingame client browser, server seems to go from 08:00 where it stays a couple of minutes, to 09:20 where it stays about a minute, and then back to 09:00 where it seems to actually start the ingame simulation. But now when the problem occurs, it goes from 08:00, then to 09:20, and then it gets stuck.

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It happened this morning. I saw on our Gametracker that the server was offline about 30 minutes after it's scheduled restart. When I started the game and went to the ingame browser, the ingame time was 9:20. As far as I understand, this is usually a number that the server goes through before the actual game simulation has started. When I logged in to the server I first got "wait for host", and then I had a new character instead of my old one. When I logged out and checked the ingame browser again, the ingame time was 9:01, indicating that the simulation didn't start until I logged in. As per the BEC logs below (GUIDs and IPs are removed, my ingame name is bushman), there was no other person logging in before me.

05:31:00 : RCon admin #0: (Global) SERVER RESTART IN 5 MINUTES!
05:36:00 : RCon admin #0: (Global) SERVER RESTART IN ONE MINUTE! LOG OFF NOW TO SAVE YOUR GEAR AND POSITION! To avoid the character reset bug, do to NOT log in again until server time is showing XX.01 (i.e. do not log in when it says 08:00, 09:00, 12:00, or 09:20).
05:36:16 : Player #0 DI.MSI disconnected
05:37:19 : Lost Connection!
05:37:19 : Closing socket & exiting!
05:38:04 : Rcon client logging in
05:38:04 : RCon admin #0 (XXX) logged in
05:58:58 : Player #0 bushman (XXX) connected
05:59:30 : Player #0 bushman - GUID: XXX (unverified)
05:59:33 : Verified GUID (XXX) of player #0 bushman
06:01:20 : Player #0 bushman disconnected

It happened this morning again. Server was set in the 9:20 limbo and didn't startup properly until I joined the server. So the issue should definitely be reproducable. However, my character didn't get wiped this time, although I had to reconnect a couple of times before I even got in.

I don't know if this is a known issue or not. Our hosting partner refers to Bohemia in this matter in their ticket system (ticket #1462708). They also asked me to use their reset world feature, which supposedly resets the "persistency files", but it had no effect on the limbo issue.

Hello Linus,

Sorry to hear about your trouble. Could you send a copy of your correspondence with your GSP to the following email address please:


@'Linus Leonard' Thank you for the info, that I don't join empty servers anymore. Lost my character today :/

Very frequent occurance recently.... really glad someone brought this up

@JStewart I've sent the support ticket conversation.

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it is a problem. Our server on vilayer sometimes acts the same, we have a public hive. You really have to wait, if the server gets stuck, I have to restart it manually again. Then it works.

Same here with our vilayer server.

Thanks Linus. We'll see what can be done with your server.

This is still a problem. Occurs multiple times a day and is 100% reproducable. Added to that, whatever was done during yesterdays maintenance period, made it so that when the last person leaves the server, the mission/ingame simulation seem to stop. When joining again the ingame time is showing 09:00, indicating that the simulation has been reset.

I'll add it to the information that we already have. We apologize for the long wait and we ask for your patience in the meantime.

yes with all of our servers too, some of them public I have noticed the same things. I just posted about police cars and realized the server had the same problem.

It allows you to run around the map, but the server actually is locked up with no restarting message, or disconnection message. Its almost as if it hasn't disconnected from the master hive @ BI.

So the thing is, when this is all happening the Rcon tool doesn't allow you to restart the server normally. In fact the restart seems to not work right at all. The shutdown only seems to fix the issue. Something is hanging up in the networking as far as I can tell. Nothing has happened prior to this before, it has happened since 2 wed ago now.

Others are also complaining about the same issues.

Still present in 53.126384.