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Fire pit bugged on backpack
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well... I dont know if its really a bug... but I was with bag cap full, so I put the sticks into fire pit to have more slots. later I tried to remove some kind of food from fire pit by Right Click -> View Contents, and it wasn't possible... then I tried to drop it to see the contents and I couldn't...


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just put some stuff inside fire pit [inside of backpack]

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I would put more pics, but I cant, I think.

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This has been the case for quite a while, you need to drop the backpack (or the clothing item in which you are carrying the fireplace kit), then you can drag it out.

Annoying, especially since it might screw up your hotkeys (or let things disappear completely, depending on where you drop it).

Given that in current beta you cannot attach anything to the fireplace kit, much less light it, and there's a new inventory icon, I'd say we're looking at an issue that may resolve itself.

andy added a comment.Jan 23 2015, 11:21 AM

Hi leobom and thank you for your feedback.
We were not able to reproduce this anymore as the whole fireplace system and its craftability have been tweaked a bit.
Please feel free to submit a new ticket if the issue persists.