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DayZ does not work with Nvidia Optimus and GTX 980M
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On launching DayZ the game runs but only on the intergrated graphics and not the main card. All Nvidia settings are set to force DayZ to use the main card but DayZ does not trigger the change in Optimus. I have contacted the laptop manufacturer and Nvidia and everything is running fine with both the laptop and the card. It is the game that is not triggering the change.

When the game runs it's maximum resolution is 680 / 340 ( or something around there ). No other game installed, BF4, H1Z1, ETS2, BF3 have this issue so it must be a dayZ issue with the game not sending the signal to the controller to change over. The Optimus technology is going to be on all top of the range latops with high end graphics so this will become a larger issue as time goes by.

Is there a change I can make in the DayZ settings or steam launcher settings to make it work?

Thanks for your help...


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Sorry game version is 0.52 not 0.51

this guy had a simmilar issue, don't know if it helps, but you can try

Thanks mate but his was not quite the same issue. He was having a problem with the settings not saving in the Nvidia experience app and therefore allgames were running on the on board graphics. Mine is everything else runs fine, it is only DayZ that wont switch the graphics over.

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I have had the same issue, around september 2014 I scoured the internet for a month to find a fix with little luck. The only way I could get it to switch from the integrated graphics was to reinstall the Nvidea drivers everytime I turned my notebook on, install nvidea inspector to see when the GPU is kicking in. Extremely frustrating. Have you found any other solutions?

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Try disabling the iGPU in your BIOS if its possible or maybe there is a setting in Optimus where you can force the 980M to turn on.

Temp fix.

With Optimus you cannot disable the iGPU in bios. You cannot uninstall the iGPU drivers either. In the nvidea control pannel you must force DayZ to run with main card, but just doing this does not activate the card. I have tried pretty much evey option, I am now waiting for an updated driver from nvidea or DayZ update that could fix the issue. Honestly I think optimus technology is load of bull, the advantage of having a longer battery life when unplugged does not out weigh the hassle that you get with just about any game or program.

try these in dayz launch options in steam

-w 1920 -h 1080 (or what your resolution is)

dayz seems to scale options, running dayz on my igpu i get bs like 680x340 too and won't let me go higher.

maybe its a case of dayz putting the settings so low that it isn't taxing on the iGPU and Optimus doesn't think you need the dedicated card.

Thanks for the comments guys. To answer them in brief:

You can not disable the on board graphics as the optimus tech is built in and not a bolt on.

Halogen seems to be having the same issues as myself in that you just CAN NOT disable the tech.

Franzuu - unfortunately putting what you have written into launch options prevents DayZ from running at all. I have tried it with more / less / different spacing but to no avail. Is there a way to force DayZ's resolution?

The problem is still there:(

sorry to hear that, i'm out of ideas.

Same damn problem here, Hijack1972, except I have a Toshiba laptop with a NVIDIA Geforce GT 540m. I was always able to run Dayz okay with it, but now the graphics will not switch over, and it's only an issue in this game, none of my other ones. I'm going to make my own issue report as well. I hope we can resolve this, I need my DayZ. :/