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Random sounds.
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Random eating sounds... Random fence clanking sounds... Random pop can opening sounds...

Worth mentioning this happens in both platforms I use (laptop win 8 64 and PC win 7 64). More noticeable in the woods where I'm alone there will be FREQUENT sounds of eating food and pop cans opening. In addition, the fence clanking noise (where there is no fence of that kind anywhere near the area- even on the edge of the map) is EXTREMELY frequent. There are also a lot of birds "taking off" sounds- as a side note it would be AWESOME to see birds startled into flight as people pass through- or as animals pass through.

It sounds like the pop can opening is meant to be a stick breaking as you transit- but you can hear it as often when standing still as when in motion.


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Most of these sounds will happen throughout transit in any area at all. Most frequent is probably the fence clanking, then the eating sound followed closely by the popcan opening.

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every old player know that, should be changed when server performance get better.