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Water purification by sun
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Just an idea to purify water from biological hazards by setting a filled water bottle (prestine or worn) into the sunlight for some time. The original 6h might be a bit too long though. Perhaps you could filter the water with rags or selfmade filters of charcoal and/or gras beforehand, already reducing the risc of illness.

I don't think you need a status feedback for purification by sun as you won't see it in real life.


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I'm fine with boiling water, though I won't naysay this if it does get in.
I'd be more excited for a placeable rainwater collector.

rainwater collector:

sticks + rope = framework
framework + raincoat = improvised collector
(capacaty of can and has to be drunk directly or some loss when pouring into bottle)

improvised collector + bottle(s)/cantine(s) = improved collector
(capacaty of bottle(s)/cantine(s) as water flows directly into recptacle(s) instead raincoat gets badly damaged or even ruined when dismantled)

crazy ideas ...

The raincoat is a good idea, I like this. We'll fit a solar purifier in there somewhere. :D

Destilation should take like 30 seconds or something, ain't nobody have time to wait hour. :D

Hey JustCaused I agree with you that hours would be too much but 30 secs is a joke, right? It should take at least as long as cooking meat.