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Server admin is kicking everyone off of a public server
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I tried joining ="[CTF] Clan True of Friends Pers:Off Ultra LOOT (NO ENTER)";at and the admin is kicking everyone.


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"public server"

how is this public? just because there is no whitelist or password required? it says no enter. that means DO NOT JOIN THIS SERVER
also it is a privately owned server which means they can kick you if they want for no reason

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Report the server via mail, and use the following mail adresses if you're unsure who the GSP is

A public server cant be handled however they want, server admins still have a responsibility to the hosting rules, if they brake the rules, they'll receive a warning and at last their service may be cancelled.

So... they can't lock the Server.
If you have no own Server you can't know how this works.
So first of all: Admins have no real rights. But they have to pay ALOT of monay for the Server.
Second: You can only lock a Server INGAME. So after a restart, there are Player using dayz-commander or whatever and see witch Server was restarted. They Join at the same time the admin join. If the admin waits the spawn-time AND the please wait, there are Player on the Server. Then, the admin lock the Server (if he can. Its up to the Provider of the Server if you can) and kick all Player. There is NO OTHER way.

So, if he don't lock the Server its not good, but okay. But if you don't like it and join a Server where outside stands "no join" you do not have to wonder yourself if he kicks you. Of pay for your own monay a Server (60€+ each month).

And that there are free Server for you is only because there are some People how pay for there privet Server. If no one will pay for it the prtovider will not open public free Server. (They have to make monay and not only costs)

first of all:
itzero is right, reprot it to the server hoster, this is the bug tracker and abusive server admins are a nuissance, but not a bug

secondly, all public hive servers are public, so "no join", "private" etc. only means, some idiots that can't read the rules(or don't care) pay for the server. it does not mean, that they have the right to do such things


For Public hive severs:
"You may not change the following variables on your server :

    Player count beyond 40, and below 30. 
    Message of the day to include slander, racism, sexism, or any general hate speak. 
    Signature Verification (Must always be enabled) 
    Server name must not contain any terms or phrases of the themes below:

    - Player Versus Environment only 
          - Player will be kicked 
          - Server somehow has modified loot spawns, or other game data 
          - Server is private 
          - Server is “not operating properly” 
          - Impersonating official DayZ servers (Stable or Experimental)
          - Hatespeak / Defamation of any person, place, or company

You may not perform the following actions on your server :

    Restart server to farm loot 
    Restart server to protect your character integrity after dying 
    Kick/Ban players without just cause
    Lock / Password the server"

For private shards:
"You may perform the following actions on your server :

    Restart server
    Kick players
    Ban players
    Lock/Unlock Server
    View BEC Logs
    Turn the server off"

Rules are pretty clear here, so even if you pay 60€/month for a public hive server, you have to stick with the rules (you agree to when rening the server from your hoster).
If you want to kick everyone but your friends, you have to rent a private shard, but you propably don't want to, as you like to gear up on a closed server and go pvp on a public server, don't you?


as already mentioned above, this is neither a bug nor a feature request. Please contact the server provider for this issue. The provider might be mentioned in the server name.