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V3S Joyride Co-Driver dies reasonless after clean Logout
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My co-op Player Friend and me found a V3S yesterday on a private Hive Slave Server just after the Server Reset, so we had about 3.5 Hours Time to drive the Truck around the whole Map. I recognized her driving in Underwear until she got out of the Truck, so did she see my Character in Underwear from her View (see Screenshot) - this happened as Side-Effect.

The Main Problem: We parked the V3S just before the Server reset again and stood right near the Truck as we logged out. When we logged in again, my Character stood at the Place, where we last entered the Cabin (the Truck was gone), but she logged in and only got the "You are dead." Message for no Reason, respawning at the Coast again as 'Bambi'.

Of Course she became very upset and angry about that, especially because such Kind of incomprehensible Death had happened to her before twice that Day.


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Happens occasionally, not able to reproduce intentionally.

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My Friend logged out standing still outside of the V3S, fully geared up, energized, hydrated and healthy - the Reason for her third ingame Death on one Day?! We both have absolutely no Clue...

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andy added a comment.Feb 5 2015, 4:03 PM

Hi Nimeri and thanks for the report!
We are aware of the problem with characters being teleported back when in V3s at a time of server restart (#19517) and it has been scheduled for a fix.
I am currently investigating the other problem with dying passenger.
Thanks again,