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See issue 13659: Walkie Talkie still broken on some servers
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Playing on the Falcon DayZ RP server just now. Trying like hell to toggle Caps-Lock to Radio chatter, not direct. It won't work no matter what I try.

Issue is not resolved but reappears sporadically, it seems.


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Unable, sporadic depending on server?

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Checked battery, Radio can be switched ON and OFF but no change in the bottom left hand corner: It always says "Direct communication"

Also, played on a different server yesterday and it worked.

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i think it will only work if you relog.

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I managed to change the frequenzy, but never was able to be heard by my mate...

Same here. I've been at the top of green mountain tower and heard people communicating on my frequency, but they never responded to me despite several attempts and it saying 87.8 MHz at the bottom left.

> not working properly