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When in a vehicle on server restart, character position resets to position you entered the vehicle
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Found a vehicle at the spawn location in Vybor. I entered the vehicle and proceeded to drive around the map, covering a substantial distance. While driving through Severograd, the server restarted (I got the "NO MESSAGE RECEIVED" counter).

I exited the server, and rejoined the same one after it came back online. My character was back at the vehicle spawn point in Vybor.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Enter vehicle.
  2. Drive vehicle for a distance. Unknown if this issue is distance dependant.
  3. Wait for or trigger a server restart.
  4. Login to same server, character will be at the position you entered the vehicle in.
Additional Information

I haven't tried to reproduce this, could be hard given the rarity of vehicles and the randomness of server restarts.

UPDATE: I can confirm this bug can be reproduced. I just had it happen to me again, this time on a different server.

Original report was on 3PP, and reproduced instance was on FPP, with the same results.

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And sometimes the vehicle is there too as was in my case a couple of times.

Franzuu added a subscriber: Franzuu.May 8 2016, 9:10 PM

afaik vehicles are not persistent, they do get reset at restart.

It seems one has to get out of the Truck and walk around outside for a certain Amount of Time until the Player Position is saved again. I was driving around with a co-op Friend yesterday for roundabout 3.5 Hours, we got out of the Truck several Times and after the next Reset i logged in at the Place i entered the Truck the last Time.

Same here, it even happened when I was out of the truck in .52 looking for a gas can. Guess I wasn't out of the truck long enough.

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Beizs added a comment.Jan 25 2015, 3:25 PM

Second NiMeRi75's comment. It appears to be an issue with driving the truck not updating the players location - only getting out of the truck will do that.

Does anybody else have information as to whether it happens if you simply log out while in a truck? Didn't think to try that when I had one and don't have the time today to check it.

andy added a comment.Feb 19 2015, 3:45 PM

Hi dayzdayv and thank you for the report!
We are aware of this (#19517) and it has been scheduled for a fix.