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You guys lost my char, go find it...
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So, after 1 year into Alpha, a ghlitchy server with a screwed up hive connection can still eat your char.


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Random, connect to a shitty server that dropped hive connection, and have it miraculously regain it after you're in, wiping your old guy.

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what a bad description... tell us a server name and more info. was the server still restarting as you tried to connect?

Vilayer NJ 2-19. Don't know if it was restarting, not my responsibility. I don't administrate their servers, nor do I handle how the DayZ public hive operates. If I would write code that's so broken I'd probably just delete everything and start from scratch, which is what Bohemia should've done from the very beginning, but nope, they took the Arma 2 engine, added a few bells and whistles, incremented the number, then they took the same engine and tried to make an FPSMMO out of. Kinda like strapping a jet engine onto a unicycle.

Shit like that happening is god damn unacceptable. Fix your fucking character handling or add an extra check, nothing stops the hive from saying "Nope, the other char is still alive, I'm not saving the freshspawn over the geared guy". I'm sure you added some kind of an interrupt to fix the .50-.51 dupe method, so you can't weasel out saying "That could open a possibility of duping". Every case where there's ambiguity should be resolved in favor of the player, but that's not the case in Bohemia. I really wish I could get a refund because frankly, the 30 bucks weren't worth it (though I should be an asshole and ask for 35 because after all the game is now apparently worth more). I just feel there'd be a total recall somewhere in the future once the devs shoddy codding comes across an obstacle they can't go around and would have to redo everything from scratch.

Hell if this was a report for a dupe method I'm sure they'd bend over backwards to fix it.

Brush off some of that salt, it isn't helping you.
If you disconnect as soon as you realize the server hasn't connected to the hive properly, it won't overwrite your character. I've dodged this problem multiple times, still have all my gear.

I dodged the problem too multiple times. Just once I hit exactly when it regained connection.

Thing being, this shouldn't be happening in the first place. It's shoddy concurrency control for a database. It's not even a bug, it's a fundamental fuck up that any programmer should be ashamed of. Imagine if the bank were to eat your money because you decided to withdraw when they were processing a deposit into your account? I'm sure you'd scream bloody murder. But these two are the same exact concurrency control fuck ups.

A more responsible dev would put shit like this as their prime priority or at least have an option to somehow recover lost characters. Not Bohemia, they hide behind their (ever growing fewer) fanboys and "it's just alpha". So I guess no concurrency control for another 3 years.

Waaaaaa I clicked agree but still want to complain all the time. Be nice and maybe things will get fixed. this is why this is an ALPHA game. This is the kind of stuff they try to fix in alpha games so when it is ready for mainstream sales it doesn't happen. You know the game has problems yet you just wine like a baby and don't want to help. Go back to sucking your moms tits and get of you puter man. Or better yet learn to code and get a job and fix the problem yourself since you seem to think it is so easy to do.

Welcome to Alpha games.

you accepted the alpha agreement at every start of the game. now be quite nexdemise

Clicking "I understand" is not a carte blanche for fuck ups.


Thank you for sending us your feedback regarding this issue. Unfortunately, this problem is a known issue that has previously been reported. The devs are aware of the problem related to character save loss and they'll be working on fixing it.

Closing as duplicate of #78.