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Few things observed with V3S
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I observed some things relating to the V3S.
1.: Your temperature is dropping pretty fast, while driving a V3S. This means, even if you're hot, when you enter the truck, it doesn't take a long time, when you will cool down until the freezing Status.

2.: The hitboxes of the truck and trees are "messing" up a little bit. This means if you pass too close to a tree with your truck, the hitboxes will collide, which will force your truck to glitch/bug into the floor and you need a little bit of luck, to glitch/bug out again, to continue your journey.

3.: Driving the V3S outside the "map-borders" will make it fell through the ground. This means, if you leve the map with your truck, it will fell through the ground and will be lost forever. Additional to this, as driver you are unable to do anything else then starting/stopping the engine and switching on/off the lights. If you're on the passengers seat, with a little bit of luck you will be teleported back to the surface without doing anything, but there seems to be a risk, that you will spawn fresh after logging out. This I observed with a mate of mine I was playing with.


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Just do what i have written above to reproduce.

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also if you hit a guard rail going really slow it still flips you over and gets stuck

Just wondering if the Devs have recognized these issues.

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We have!
The tree collisions and issues with falling through the ground are being worked on. The temperature one - we are investigating it at the moment.

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Ive also noticed that when in the passenger seat and someone else is driving, if you minimise the game for a few seconds then go back to fullscreen it shows your char as standing in the middle of a field, and you can run around and stuff. But the driver of the truck also can still see u in the passenger seat.
So the driver needs to stop some place safe and then you the passenger needs to logout of the server and come back in, in order to spawn outside the truck where that may be at.
Also im sure you are aware that the driver and passenger never see the same things when the truck is moving, from the passenger side all you see is game lag and looks like the truck is hitting walls and trees, but the driver he dont see that his ride is mostly smooth with no crashing.

Thanks for your reply Andy. Good to hear, that you're working on it.